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Traditional Representation

📚 DonnaInk Publications: Where Literary Dreams Take Flight! ✨

At DonnaInk, we don’t just publish books; we orchestrate symphonies of words. Our mission? To transform ink and paper into unforgettable literary journeys. 🌟


Why Choose DonnaInk?

  1. Curated Excellence: Our doors swing wide for select authors—those whose words resonate with the universe. We’re not just a publisher; we’re keepers of cosmic stories.

  2. Submission Calls with a Twist: Not every response finds its place on our coveted shelves. We seek brilliance, originality, and that elusive spark. Your submission is more than ink; it’s a stardust whisper.

  3. À La Carte Magic: Authors deserve bespoke attention. Our À La Carte Services weave dreams into reality:

    • Editing Elegance: Polishing prose until it gleams.

    • Marketing Mojo: Unleashing your book’s magic upon the world.

  4. Pay-to-Produce Brilliance: Want your book to dance off the pages? Our packages cover it all—from cover design to global distribution. Your story deserves a standing ovation.


Join the DonnaInk Family!

Let’s turn your literary vision into reality. 📖✨


Visit us at and let the ink flow! 🖋️

Submission Calls


📚 Discover DonnaInk’s Literary Universe!


  1. Acting Stories: Dive into the world of thespians! We’re crafting a training guide and seeking collaborative stories that unravel the drama behind the curtain.

  2. Angel Stories: Ethereal encounters await! Our collaborative project seeks celestial tales—where angels whisper secrets and miracles unfold.

  3. Biography / Memoir: Real lives, extraordinary journeys. Share your personal odyssey or chronicle the remarkable lives of others.

  4. Creative / Narrative: Unleash your imagination! Fact or fiction, we celebrate creativity in all its forms.

  5. Cultural / Social Issues: Amplify voices, bridge gaps. Explore the rich tapestry of cultures and societal challenges.

  6. Disability Awareness: Empathy in ink. Illuminate the experiences of differently-abled individuals.

  7. Diversity Awareness: Celebrate differences, weave unity. Stories that break barriers and build bridges.

  8. Entertainment: Lights, camera, ink! From acting to music, let’s explore the captivating world of entertainment.

  9. Industry / Business: Business narratives that inspire, educate, and transform.

  10. Martial Arts / Weaponry: Warriors and wisdom. Unsheath your tales of combat and honor.

  11. Men’s Issues: Men unmasked. Share stories of vulnerability, strength, and growth.

  12. Religious: Sacred whispers. Explore faith, spirituality, and divine mysteries.

  13. Spiritual: From abundant mindsets to paranormal phenomena, let’s journey beyond the veil.

  14. Self-help: Inked guidance. Empower readers with practical wisdom and transformative insights.

  15. True Crime: Shadows and secrets. Unravel mysteries that keep us awake at night.

  16. Women’s Issues: Unleash the feminine spirit. Stories that empower, challenge, and celebrate womanhood.


  1. Children’s / Children’s Disability Awareness / Anti-Bullying: Little hearts, big lessons. Teach kindness, courage, and empathy.

  2. Contemporary: Slice-of-life tales that mirror our world—raw, real, and resonant.

  3. Fantasy / Science Fiction: Warp reality, bend time. From New Worlds to Epic Sagas, let your imagination soar.

  4. Horror: Shadows dance, nightmares breathe. Haunting tales that cling to your spine.

  5. Mystery / Crime: Unravel enigmas, chase shadows. From spies to sleuths, suspense awaits.

  6. Paranormal: Ghostly whispers, cosmic riddles. Explore realms beyond the veil.

  7. Romance: Hearts collide, destinies entwine. Love stories that leave you breathless.

  8. Suspense / Thriller: Heartbeats sync with danger. Plot twists that grip and won’t let go.

  9. Young Adult / New Adult: Youthful rebellion, coming-of-age storms. Let’s navigate life’s tempests together.


Join us at DonnaInk and let your words ignite galaxies! 🌟🖋️

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