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Mr. Ed Tasca
Actor, Author, Comedian, Playwright

Ed is from Philadelphia. He currently lives in Mexico. He has published seven works of fiction, most of which are comic novels or novellas. He's also a playwright and screenwriter and has won a host of awards for humor. His humor has been published in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, England, Italy and Australia.


Awards and considerations: - Awarded grand prize in the 2011 Screenplay Search Competition (Vinegar and Brown Paper). - Official Finalist in 2014 American Movie Awards (Truthers). - Also reached the semi-finalist group (3%) in the Page International screenwriting competition. - Winner of the prestigious Robert Benchley Society Humor-writing Award for 2009 (also runner-up three years in a row-judged by Dave Barry), among other U.S. humor awards and honors.


His work has been anthologized in several humor publications, including: - America's Funniest Humor, 2006.

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