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Renee Smith
Science Fiction Novelist

Renee Smith is a work in process on this temporary planet of earth. Renee was born in Uniontown, Pa. on 30 May 1954 to her parents Greno and Helen Salvo who were children of poor catholic immigrants. The Salvo's parents came to America believing the streets were lined in gold, never to see their families again.

Renee was one of four children. Her father was a proud Marine that married Helen Stefanic shortly after WW. 11. Yugoslavian Helen and Italian Greno were considered a mixed marriage, frowned on by both sides of the family. Products of the depression and struggles of the past influenced their decisions, hopes and dreams that made Renee the character she is today.

At age 10, Renee moved near Kent State University, well known for the protest against the Vietnam War. Barely graduating from high school, she married an abusive boyfriend and moved back to PA, where she had her most magnificent accomplishment, her son, Robert. Both mother and son developed a great sense of hard work, commitment and devotion.

Between marriages Renee worked in retail sales. She later married Kenneth. Renee developed character, both good and bad. And, in the 80’s she became a stylist, esthetician and massage therapist working for a 5 star resort in the mountains of Pennsylvania. It became lonely in the mountains for Renee, so she moved to the sun and fun in Florida and spent many days on the beach talking with her brother Sam about the mysteries of life.

With Kenneth, she moved back to PA from Florida to open a day spa. Her client with psychic abilities predicted: “Renee, one day you are going to write a book.” She laughed; “Who me? I don’t think so.”

As everyone waited for the world to end in 2000, Greno lost his war to Alzheimer’s and Ken was in a near fatal car accident. Learning to live again, the now middle age couple learned the true meaning of love, life and family.

Renee had to watch by when her Mother was blinded by a stroke and she also succumbed to the disease of Alzheimer. As she cared for her precious Mother and the birth of her twin grandsons gave Renee opportunity and drive to write this book.

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