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M. Frederic Jennings 
Horror Novelist - Post-Apocalyptical 

M. Frederic Jennings is on a mission from God. Literally.

Supernaturally, the Holy Spirit descended into his bedroom one morning several years ago as he lay in bed after working his night shift as a nurse at a nearby hospital. Mark was not a Christian at the time and had only tuned his clock radio to a station playing old-time church music to help himself get to sleep. The only problem was, after playing only a song or two, the station next featured a bible reading segment. While, “Under the hearing of the word,” as the bible so succinctly puts it, the other worldly visitation by God’s spiritual essence took place.


Slowly but surely ever since then, Mr. Jennings has not only figured out what happened to him that fateful morning but has also been processing and documenting the incredibly vivid and strange, yet hopefully also meaningful and entertaining visions, characters and story ideas that have come to fill the half dozen or so manuscripts he has completed in that same span of time.


“The Lord will take you into realms others cannot and dare not go,” were words of prophecy spoken over Mark in a bible study group dedicated to the development of the spiritual gifts. In his latest work, “And the Dead Shall Rise,” a book length, zombie apocalypse tale told from a Christian perspective, the new and fresh voiced, horror novelist does just that. Care to come along?

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