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Store Policy


For those small book stores without overhead to work with the discounts listed here, DonnaInk Publications extends a limited supply of books on consignment; however, a consignment agreement has to be signed and a threshold of time is allotted with a stringent return policy.


If titles are not sold within the time parameters set between the small bookstore owner and the publishing house an invoice is forwarded for payment.


Use the form below to submit your consignment request and a consignment agreement will be forwarded for completion.

Bulk Order Discounts


For vendors, volume discounts are helpful when selling a large volume of titles. DonnaInk Publica-tions, welcomes vendors, bricks n' mortar and mom and pop shops to distribute titles for our vendors, the following discounts apply:​


  • Up to 10 copies a 30% discount is allotted to vendors.


  • For 11 – 20 copies a 35% discount is allotted to vendors.


  • For 21 – 99 copies a 40% discount is allotted to vendors.


  • For 100 – 199 copies a 45% discount is allotted to vendors.


  • For 200 – 299 copies a 50% discount is allotted to vendors.


  • For 300 – 399 copies a 55% discount is allotted to vendors.


  • For 400 – 499 copies a 60% discount is allotted to vendors.


  • For 500+ copies call to negotiate terms, which may be dramatically reduced.

For a 40% reduction in per title cost with orders of 50 titles plus and an application to vendor titles, DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. provides the following:

  •  Information Kit for ordered titles


  •  Fact and Sell Sheets for ordered titles


  •  Minimum of 50 plus copies for ordered titles


  •  Counter or Floor Display (for 3 or 6 carriage)


  •  Net-15 or Net-30 payment cycle with direct deposit capability post-initial order


  •  A return policy is in place


Each vendor's "first" or "initial" order is to be paid in full. All sales over 100 in count feature additional literature and a display choice per title while the vending agreement processes.

Afterward, a 30-day shipping cycle is ignited and stock ships bi-monthly or monthly (contingent on payment option of Net 15 or Net 30). Once vendor agreement has been approved - shipments  are correlated to the payment cycle. As long as the account remains current - titles continue to ship to meet demand.


All terms and conditions remain negotiable, for additional discount information call (910) 528-4347 or email: directly and/or fill the form below indicating what you require.

Payment Methods

• Credit / Debit Cards

• Offline Payments

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