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“Ink Perfected: Where Words Shine Bright”

  • 30 min
  • $00.05 per word
  • Online Zoom Preliminary Consultation

Service Description

Refining Your Literary Canvas: Professional Proofreading Editorial Services At DonnaInk, we wield our editorial quills with precision. Authors, listen closely—your words are our clay, and we sculpt them into masterpieces. Here’s how: What We Offer: - Grammatical Mastery: Commas, semicolons, verb tenses—we orchestrate symphonies of correctness. Your prose will sing. - Punctuation Perfection: Periods, dashes, exclamation marks—they dance in harmony. No missteps allowed. - Capitalization Craftsmanship: Proper nouns, titles, beginnings of sentences—they stand tall, bold, and dignified. - Sentence Structure Sculpting: Fragments, run-ons, elegance—we chisel your sentences into architectural wonders. - Spelling Sorcery: Typos vanish, misspellings retreat. Your manuscript gleams. Pricing Details: $0.015 per word (with a $50.00 minimum). - Consultation: 15 minutes of literary alchemy. - Work contingent upon word count—every syllable matters. Formatting Requirements: - Manuscripts must meet standards before submission. - Submit electronically in one of these formats: - Word document (.doc or .docx) - Rich Text File (.rtf) Professional Manuscript Standards: - Page size: 8.5" x 11" - Double-spacing throughout—breathing room for your words. - Margins: 1 inch top and bottom, 1.25 inches left and right. - Font: Choose from Arial, Courier, or Times—12-point font size. When Formatting Falters: - Returned for Correction: We’re gentle but firm. Your manuscript deserves perfection. - Settings Applied: If needed, we tweak settings—adding that extra sparkle. - Additional cost: 10% for layout finesse. Note: Authors under our traditional “Indie” platform have unique terms. Consult your literary agreement. Let’s elevate your legacy!

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