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Manuscript Critique

  • 30 min
  • $00.12 per word
  • Online Zoom Preliminary Consultation

Service Description

Feedback and Services Overview At DonnaInk, we offer meticulous feedback to enhance your literary masterpiece. Our services cover various aspects, ensuring your work shines like a constellation in the literary sky. Cost Structure: - $0.12 per word with a $600.00 minimum (5000 words) - we do negotiate for small business set-asides. - We value every syllable, crafting precision with purpose. Areas of Focus: - Plot: We dissect your narrative arc, ensuring it weaves intrigue and captivates readers. - Characterization: Characters breathe life into your story. We analyze their depth, growth, and authenticity. - Dialogue: Conversations matter. We fine-tune dialogues for resonance and realism. - Setting: Environments shape your tale. We polish descriptions, making them vivid and immersive. Beyond Words: - Focus: We guide your lens, sharpening the core message. - Development: Seeds sprout into forests. We nurture your ideas into towering oaks. - Organization: A well-structured narrative is a symphony. We fine-tune the notes. - Clarity and Visuals: Paint with words. We enhance imagery, making your scenes cinematic. Target Market and Audience: Who craves your story? We identify your readership, ensuring your work resonates. Consistent Issues: Grammar, mechanics, spelling, and style—we comb through every sentence. Our goal? A polished gem that sparkles in the literary firmament. Note: Authors represented under our traditional “Indie” publisher platform have specific terms and conditions. If you’re unsure, review your literary agreement or consult with us. Let’s sculpt your legacy together!

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