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Heavy or Substantive Edit

“Refining Words, Crafting Brilliance”

  • 30 min
  • $00.09 per word
  • Online Zoom Preliminary Consultation

Service Description

Substantive Editorial Services by DonnaInk Publications ($450.00 for 5000 words - varies from project-to-project and small businesses - set-asides are discounted as needed - so request a consultation and quote.) We offer meticulous line-by-line editorial services, including both draft and final reviews. Our experienced team ensures that your manuscript meets the highest standards. Our pricing is competitive at $0.06 per word, with a $50.00 minimum. Our comprehensive checks cover the following aspects: - Grammar and Punctuation: We meticulously review your text to correct any grammatical errors and ensure proper punctuation usage. - Sentence Structure for Readability: We analyze sentence structure to enhance readability. Clarity and coherence are our top priorities. - Dialogue and Characterization: We evaluate dialogue to ensure authenticity and consistency. - Characters’ voices and interactions are fine-tuned. - Flow and Plot Consistency: We examine the overall flow of your narrative, ensuring smooth transitions between scenes and chapters. Plot inconsistencies are addressed. - Suggestions for Rewrites: If necessary, we provide constructive feedback within comment boxes, suggesting improvements or alternative approaches. Note: Authors represented under our traditional “Indie” publisher platform may have different terms and conditions. Please review your literary agreement or consult with us if you have any questions regarding additional services beyond the scope of our standard representation. Thank you for considering DonnaInk Publications for your editorial needs!

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