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Book Cover Design

“Crafting Literary Constellations, One Brand at a Time!”

  • 30 minutes
  • From 150 US dollars
  • Online Zoom Preliminary Consultation

Service Description

Unlock Your Book’s Visual Magic with DonnaInk! Are you ready to transform your manuscript into a mesmerizing masterpiece? Look no further than DonnaInk Publications, the creative powerhouse nestled in the heart of Brandywine, Maryland. (Basic cover design is $150.00.) Book Cover Design Services: Where Imagination Meets Reality DonnaInk knows that a book cover isn’t just a pretty face—it’s the gateway to your literary universe. Whether you’re spinning tales of dragons, unraveling mysteries, or sharing heartfelt memoirs, your cover sets the tone. And guess what? They’ve got you covered (pun intended). Fiction or Nonfiction? Your Story, Your Canvas Fiction: Dreamy realms, epic battles, and star-crossed lovers—your novel deserves a cover that whispers secrets and beckons readers to dive in. Starting at $150 for eBooks, DonnaInk crafts visuals that ignite curiosity and spark wanderlust. Nonfiction: From self-help guides to historical chronicles, your nonfiction work deserves a cover that exudes authority. For print editions, DonnaInk’s rates begin at $250.00. Because yes, knowledge looks damn good in hardcover. The Artistry Unfolds: A Peek Behind the Curtain Consultation: Picture this—a cozy chat where you spill your literary dreams. DonnaInk listens, scribbles notes, and gets inside your author brain. Cover Type: Paperback? Hardcover? eBook? You decide, and they weave magic accordingly. Questionnaire: Colors, fonts, vibes—answer a few questions, and watch your vision come alive. Timeline: Set the countdown. Your cover’s debut awaits! Draft Samples: Three tantalizing options land in your inbox. Prepare to swoon. Change Requests: Tweak, twist, or shout “Eureka!” DonnaInk’s got your back. Final Copy: Ta-da! Your cover emerges, polished and ready to dazzle. Written Approval: Sign off with a flourish. Your masterpiece is a go! Cover Formats: DonnaInk delivers in multiple formats—because versatility is sexy. Beyond the Basics: Special Requests and Expedited Magic Special Orders: Want flaps, foils, or secret compartments? DonnaInk can make it happen (extra sparkle, extra cost). Timelines: Need it yesterday? Expedited timelines come with a dash of urgency (and a slightly higher price tag). Payment: Kickstart the enchantment with a one-half service fee. The grand finale? Upon written approval, the final payment dances into their coffers. Watermarked Teasers: Your draft samples? They’ll be watermarked—like tantalizing glimpses of treasure.

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