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Basic Editorial

“Refine Your Story, Elevate Your Voice”

  • 30 min
  • $00.07 per word
  • Online Zoom Preliminary Consultation

Service Description

Basic copy-edit. ($00.07 per word with a $350.00 minimum) - consultation is 30 minutes with a ten-minute buffer - total cost is based on word count at $00.07 per word). Here’s a concise overview of the editorial process at DonnaInk Publications: Consultation: Authors schedule a consultation to discuss their manuscript - up to 30 minutes hour. This is where strategic planning begins. For the "basic" editorial - one of the following: Structural Editing: - Evaluate overall plot, pacing, and character development. - Ensure themes align with the publisher’s vision. Line Editing and Copy Editing: - Focus on sentence-level improvements. - Check for consistency and clarity. Proofreading: - Meticulous review for typos, spelling errors, and formatting. Post-editorial DonnaInk Publications may: Collaborate with Author: - Author receives feedback and makes revisions. Provide Beta Readers and Peer Review (beyond basic editorial): - External perspectives provide objective insights. All Efforts Involve Author Approval: - Final review by author. Remember, DonnaInk Publications aims to create high-quality, engaging books for readers. Each step contributes to a polished final product before publication.

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