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“The Mission For All Mankind”

Renee Smith


In the unfathomable reaches of Nebadon, where starlight weaves tapestries of destiny, Michael stands as the Supreme Ruler. His birthright is no ordinary legacy; it is a cosmic symphony composed by his enigmatic Father, BUSHU—the sovereign of the 7 Super Universes. Yet, amidst celestial splendor, Michael’s mother remains a distant echo, unable to grasp the magnitude of her son’s purpose.


Michael’s Superpowers—a celestial inheritance—pulse within him. They defy the laws of physics, transcending mere mortal comprehension. With each heartbeat, he channels the energy of collapsing stars, bends time like a reed, and dances on the precipice of creation. But these gifts come with a price: isolation. Michael is both god and outcast, tethered to the cosmos yet estranged from his own humanity.


Nebadon, once a harmonious realm, now trembles under the weight of rebellion. Its inhabitants—a motley crew of materialistic beings—cower in fear. Their sacred laws, etched into the very fabric of existence, bind them. And at the helm of this chaos stands Caligastia, the wicked planetary prince. His malevolence seeps into every crevice, poisoning hope and extinguishing stars.


But the cosmic dice roll, revealing an audacious twist. Michael, the Supreme Ruler, must shed his celestial skin. He descends to the desolate planet, reborn as a native—a fragile vessel for his boundless power. His mission: infiltrate Nebadon’s rebellion, unmask its tendrils, and sever them at their cosmic roots. The stakes? Nothing less than existence itself.


As Michael grapples with identity, he discovers fragments of his forgotten past. Whispers of forgotten lives echo through his veins. Loyalties blur, for he is both savior and insurgent. Sacrifice becomes his currency, traded in starlight and shadow. And in the crucible of Nebadon’s turmoil, he confronts the ultimate question: Can he rise above his origins, transcend the cosmic script, and rewrite the fate of his Universe?


About the Author: Renee Smith

Renee Smith, a wanderer of galaxies and dreamer of constellations, weaves tales that straddle the event horizon of imagination. Her quill dances across cosmic parchment, etching stories of celestial love, interstellar wars, and the fragile beauty of existence. When not conjuring universes, she gazes at the night sky, seeking answers written in stardust.


About DonnaInk Publications

DonnaInk Publications a celestial beacon for literary voyagers, champions the extraordinary. Their starship navigates uncharted realms, discovering manuscripts that defy gravity and ignite supernovae of creativity. From Nebula Award winners to debut cosmic bards, DonnaInk’s constellation of authors spans dimensions. “The Cosmic Inheritance” is their latest transmission—a beacon for those who seek to unravel the mysteries of existence.


Will Michael ascend as a cosmic luminary or be swallowed by the rebellion’s event horizon? The answer awaits in “The Cosmic Inheritance.”



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The Mission for all Mankind

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