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After having swapped the love of her life Tom, out of spite for a man she doesn’t like, Jan, Martina is no longer living in her beautiful house in the country but in a small city flat. Thanks to the separation, Tom became bankrupt and homeless and went back to the UK. After a few months of missing his children, he came back to the Czech Republic and will stay if; he sees his children regularly, or if he meets a romantic lady, or both.


Meanwhile Martina hates him more than ever, especially since Mary the elder child has managed to educate Lucie her sister that; their mother was the one who broke up the family for no reason. Feeling sick inside in making such a big mistake, and not wanting to admit her guilt, Martina starts to feel ever more desperate when Tom and the children agree that they should all get back together for the love of the family. The novel covers Tom’s fight in the courts for his children, his search of love with a romantic woman and his unconditional offer of reconciliation towards Martina.

The Satanic Court

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