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📖 The Rune Snatcher and The Primal Heart: A Fantastical Journey into Mystery and Magic


🌟 Simon’s Struggle

Meet Simon, a young boy whose life has been anything but ordinary. His father vanished into thin air when Simon was just a child, leaving behind a void that no one could fill. His mother, a tireless worker, scrapes together every penny to make ends meet. Yet, even the meager funds she provides for Simon’s comfort or a simple cafeteria lunch end up lining the pockets of Marcus Coleman, the school’s notorious bully.


🔥 A Battle of Wits

Simon’s encounters with Coleman are far from ordinary. They’re a dance of wit, a clash of intellect. Simon, a quick study, has honed his survival skills. He’s become faster, smarter—always one step ahead of Coleman and his cronies. But life isn’t all about bullies and battles. Enter Rachel Fairburn, Simon’s eighth-grade guardian angel. Yet, should Simon really have to rely on a girl for protection?


📚 The Magic Tome

Everything changes when Simon stumbles upon a mysterious tome hidden deep within the forest. Its ancient pages whisper secrets, and its shifting riddles beg to be solved. What sacred knowledge lies within? Who crafted this magical artifact? Simon’s curiosity knows no bounds.


🌌 An Interdimensional Quest

As the riddles unravel, Simon embarks on a spellbinding adventure. The tome transports him to an alternate universe—one teeming with its own brand of bullies. But these adversaries aren’t after lunch money; they seek something far more sinister. Simon must unravel the threads of destiny, confront ancient powers, and discover the truth behind the magic tome.


“The Rune Snatcher and The Primal Heart” is a tapestry of courage, friendship, and the boundless magic that lies just beyond our reality. Join Simon as he navigates treacherous realms, faces bullies both mundane and mystical, and unearths secrets that will change his life forever.

Step into the pages of this fantastical novel and let the adventure begin! 📚✨


🌟 About the Author: Jeremiah Think

Jeremiah Think, a young adult novelist, resides in both the United States and Korea—a life split between two vibrant cultures. His experiences growing up have shaped his unique perspective, infusing his writing with authenticity and depth.



📚 About the Publisher: DonnaInk Publications

DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C., a woman-owned small publishing house, stands as a beacon for captivating tales. With over thirty eclectic authors from nine countries and five continents, DonnaInk produces noteworthy titles across multiple fiction and non-fiction genres.


🌟 Donna L. Quesinberry, the founder and president of DonnaInk, orchestrates a literary symphony. Her commitment to unrepresented authors and industry-recognized marketing ensures that readers discover hidden gems.


📺 The DonnaInk Book Show

DonnaInk’s newest endeavor, The DonnaInk Book Show, airs on Roku on the Faces of Rap Mothers®™ Television Network. Tune in for segments like “A Book Journey,” “Title on Location,” and “Author Insight.” Explore inspiration, writing processes, and new title releases alongside over 50 million national and international viewers.


Jeremiah Think’s magical narrative and DonnaInk’s commitment to literary excellence converge in “The Rune Snatcher and The Primal Heart.” Step into this enchanting world, where bullies aren’t the only adversaries—sinister secrets await! 📚✨


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Embark on this fantastical journey, dear reader, and let your imagination soar! 🌟📖✨

The Rune Snatcher and the Primal Heart, by Jeramiah Think - USA & Korea

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