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Author Skyla Spencer’s title, “Skyla’s Hat Adventures,” involves young Skyla, who finds hats that belong to her grandma. Are they magic? she wonders. As she tries the different hats on, she finds herself in different locations—on different adventures. In this series, Skyla travels and learns about people and places. She learns about occupations and what she thinks she might like to be when she grows up and cares about herself.

Is created to be accompanied with a CD of original music and additional illustrations for separate purchase - look for the CD on the publisher or AMAZON website. When you order the book, the CD is not included and has to be ordered separately.

If you'd like to order both together, visit the publisher website at: and navigate to the >SERIES TITLES tab - you'll see an image of Skyla Spencer Country Performance Artist and can order, Skyla's Hat Adventures: The Magic of Discovery" BOOK & CD simultaneously.

Skyla's Hat Adventure

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