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“Over 100 Mandalas for Colorists: Living Life with Mindful Relaxation Techniques.”


Mandalas Unleashed: A Journey of Mindful Color


Within these pages, a kaleidoscope of serenity awaits—a sanctuary for colorists of all ages. “Over 100 Mandalas for Colorists” invites you to breathe, create, and find solace. Here’s what awaits you:

  • Sacred Geometry: Dive into over 100 mandalas and sacred geometry images. Whether you’re an adult seeking tranquility, a teen exploring hues, or a tween discovering your palette, these shapes cradle your soul.

  • Hardcover or Softcover: Choose your vessel—a keepsake hardcover or a malleable softcover. Slip it into your backpack or tuck it away in a cozy corner. Let it accompany you on life’s bustling journey.

  • Moments of Calm: Amid chaos, find stillness. Each mandala whispers secrets—echoes from psychologist Carl Jung’s timeless wisdom. Over a century ago, he wove these patterns into acts of self-discovery.

  • Dates and Feelings: As you color, trace the rhythm of days. Quotes dance across pages, except when the mandalas claim their space. Here, feelings bloom—a garden tended by your heart.


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Together, let’s paint joy across the canvas of existence.


Note: DonnaInk Publications weaves tales across genres, from fantasy to mystery. Each book is a brushstroke in the grand mural of your imagination. 

Over 100 Mandalas for Colorists Living Life through Mindful Relaxation

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