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In the second half of the 21st century, the world witnesses the creation of plugs. These are devices created by Japanese scientists, which record the five human senses. With the help of these devices people record their own life experiences in order to relive them at any time and they can share them with others. When shared with a friend or acquaintance, the receiving mind feels the experiences as if they were their own. In a short time these devices become a worldwide phenomenon and that is where trouble begins.


Entertaining and illusive novel.



About the Author: Fábio Evangelista was born in Marília, a town of 300,000 inhabitants in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. At the age of thirteen, he had the idea of telling the story of MYRA-HATI, though not in book form but as a comic s story. The project was sidelined for some time, as Evangelista started studying biomedicine. After writing some short stories, Evangelista decided to resume writing MYRA-HATI saga from a more mature point of view. Recently, Evangelista began studying philosophy at the São Paulo State University (UNESP) and he intends to use his evolving knowledge base to enhance the MYRA-HATI saga.

MYRA-HATI: Crossed Paths

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