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Let’s delve into the captivating world of Gerhard Plenert, an esteemed author whose quill dances across genres, from business nonfiction to the mystical realms of fantasy.


About Gerhard Plenert

Dr. Gerhard Plenert is a luminary in both academia and the realm of imagination. With 14 years of academic experience, he has published over 150 articles and 22 books on Lean methodologies, supply chain strategy, operations management, and planning1. His expertise extends beyond the bustling markets of business writing to the ethereal forests of fiction.


The Small World Series

In this enchanting saga, Plenert beckons readers beyond the veil of reality. Within the pages of “The History of the Small World,” ancient secrets intertwine with modern dilemmas. Mythical creatures roam, and epic quests unfold, inviting us to explore the very boundaries of imagination. The series includes:


  • “The Siege of the Small World”: A gripping volume where suspense and surprises keep readers hooked until the final page.


  • “The Uniting of the Small World”: A continuation that ignites imaginations across realms, weaving tales that resonate.


Montana Rising Series

Plenert introduces a remarkable cast of women detectives in the “Montana Rising” series. These indomitable souls unravel complex mysteries, unmask villains, and champion justice. Beneath the surface lies a labyrinth of secrets waiting to be revealed. Notable works include “Montana Bleeds” and "Saving the Small World".


About the Publisher: DonnaInk Publications

DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C., helmed by visionary Donna L. Quesinberry, is the crucible where literary dreams take shape. With an unwavering commitment to quality, DonnaInk brings forth novels that ignite curiosity and transport readers to uncharted realms. Their dedication to clean storytelling ensures that every page is a portal to wonder. The beautifully illustrated pages of Plenert’s works await discovery within this inaugural edition.


Venture forth into the Southern Plains, where Dwarves hold secrets, alliances teeter, and destiny awaits.


Feel free to explore more about Gerhard Plenert’s captivating tales and immerse yourself in the magic of his storytelling!

Montana Scourge

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