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“Montana Bleeds”A Web of Secrets and Survival

In the rugged expanse of Montana, where ancient echoes whisper through the pines, a clandestine battle brews—one that pits innovation against greed, courage against malevolence.


The Setting:

  • Our journey begins at the Falcon Gravel Pit, an unassuming locale in the heart of Montana.
  • Here, a seemingly comical yet deadly kidnapping attempt unfolds, leaving Roger Falcon’s life hanging by a thread.


The Protagonists:

  • Enter Jill England, a young, relentless detective with fire in her veins. She’s tasked with unraveling the murder mystery that spirals into a web of intrigue.
  • Roger’s son, Eric Falcon, stands at the crossroads of danger and duty. His handsome facade belies the peril he faces as Jill inches closer to the truth.


The Enigma:

  • At the heart of it all lies groundbreaking technology—an ancient cement formula lost to time, once wielded by Aztecs and Romans.
  • Large economic interests vie for ownership, willing to tread any path—legal or clandestine—to claim this innovation.


The Threats:

  • Roger, the technology’s creator, becomes a target. Threats loom, and kidnapping attempts multiply.
  • Family members are ensnared, their lives dangling on the precipice of danger.


The Hunt:

  • Jill and Eric join forces, seeking moles within the police force. Betrayal lurks in shadows.
  • As family bonds fray, the stakes escalate. The bad guys close in, and the good guys dwindle.


The Showdown:

  • In the wilds of northern Montana, a final reckoning awaits.
  • Antagonists clash, secrets bleed, and the truth emerges—a revelation that will leave readers breathless.


“Montana Bleeds” weaves suspense, drama, and thought-provoking themes. As the pages turn, emotions surge, and readers become entangled in a battle where survival hinges on courage and cunning. 


Gerhard Plenert: A Journey of Insight and Imagination


Education and Expertise:

  • Gerhard Plenert’s academic journey is as diverse as his storytelling. He holds undergraduate degrees in Mathematics, Physics, German, and Data Processing (the precursor to IT).
  • His thirst for knowledge led him to earn two master’s degrees: an MBA and a Master’s in International Affairs.
  • But Gerhard’s quest didn’t stop there. He pursued a Ph.D. in Economics (an advanced math degree) and Operations Management.
  • His academic career spanned continents, teaching at universities in California, Oregon, Colorado, Malaysia, England, Australia, Singapore, and Japan.


Consulting and Real-World Impact:

  • Gerhard didn’t just teach; he lived the subjects he taught. His consulting career took him to some of the world’s largest companies, including InfosysWipro, and Mainstream.
  • His successes were tangible:
    • Tripling office productivity in three weeks.
    • Reducing defect rates from 14+% to 2% in 8 months.
    • Slashing setup times from 20 minutes to as low as 6 minutes.
    • Streamlining facility-wide inventories by 40%.
  • Endorsements poured in from luminaries likStephen Covey, Motorola, AT&T, and FedEx.


Authorship and Creativity:

  • Gerhard’s passion extended beyond academia. He authored 19 business books, delving into topics like Lean, Six Sigma, and Analytics.
  • But his creative spirit yearned for more. He ventured into fiction, penning 13 novels that captivate readers across genres.
  • His Montana Rising Series—comprising “Montana Bleeds”, “Montana Scourge”, and “Montana Terror”—weaves suspense, drama, and thought-provoking themes.


Personal Life and Legacy:

  • Gerhard is more than an author; he’s a family man. With eight children and fifteen grandchildren, his legacy extends beyond the written word.
  • Settled in the warm embrace of Utah, surrounded by heavenly rock formations, he continues to write, inspire, and explore.


Discover Gerhard Plenert’s World:

  • Dive into his novels, where ordinary lives collide with extraordinary circumstances.
  • Visit Gerhard Plenert Books to explore his literary universe.


Gerhard Plenert’s words resonate—a symphony of intellect, creativity, and heart.

Montana Bleeds

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