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Merry Christmas Planner: A DonnaInk Publications Keepsake”

This delightful 124-page planner is your key to creating a truly memorable and joyous Christmas celebration. Whether you’re planning for your mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, or co-worker, this planner is designed to honor the spirit of the season. Let’s explore its features:


For more information and to explore other DonnaInk creations, visit DonnaInk. If you’re interested in a custom keepsake book, reach out to with the subject line “Keepsake Book Creation,” and we’ll be there to assist you in achieving your goals!


  • Elegant Appearance: The Merry Christmas Planner looks right at home on any reading shelf. Its unassuming cover conceals a wealth of festive planning tools.


  • Festive Assists: Inside, you’ll find a variety of resources to help you prepare for the holiday festivities:


Guides: Follow the suite of guides provided to ensure a smooth Christmas experience.

  • Address Call-Outs: With over 100 address call-outs, you’ll be well-prepared for sending out greeting cards.


  • Notetaking Space: Plenty of room for jotting down intentions, manifestations, and cherished memories.


  • Build from Each Season: Use this planner year after year, adding keepsake write-ups and reflections. It becomes a treasure trove of your Christmas memories.



Merry Christmas Planner

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