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HOMO GOGO MAN: A Dazzling Memoir of Disco, Drugs, and Dancing

What happens when a young man from a conservative background discovers the liberating world of New York City’s nightlife in the 1970s? Follow Christopher Duquette as he transforms from a shy and repressed boy to a confident and flamboyant go-go dancer. From his first gay encounter in Times Square to his adventures in the underground clubs, Christopher explores his sexuality, his identity, and his dreams. But behind the glitter and the glamour, there is also danger, addiction, and heartbreak. Will Christopher find his true self and his true love in the city that never sleeps? Or will he lose everything he ever cared for?


HOMO GOGO MAN is a memoir that will make you laugh, cry, and dance along with Christopher as he shares his honest and poignant story of survival and self-discovery. This first edition features the original cover art that reflects the retro style and the pop culture of the era.


About the Author: Christopher Duquette is a writer, artist, and dancer who was born and raised in Massachusetts. He moved to New York City in the 1970s to pursue his passion for the arts and to explore his sexuality. He has worked as a go-go dancer, a hustler, a graphic designer, and a teacher. He currently lives in Florida with his husband and their two dogs.


About the Publisher: 2nd Spirit Books is an independent publisher that specializes in LGBTQ+ literature. They are committed to bringing diverse and authentic voices to their readers. They are always on the search for a good story that can inspire, entertain, and educate. Visit for more information.

HOMO GOGO Man - 1st Edition

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