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Written in the first person, this true story shares a sexually suppressed boy's life as he begins to dance for a living during the 70's disco era. This story takes us on the journey and odyssey through New York City where a transition from innocence to hedonism is delivered and understood to occur through the hands of adept adults who convert the unsuspecting who may have, up until that time, only toyed with an internalized concept of a homosexual lifestyle.

This is a story that is as gripping as it is vivid.

This R rated true life story is gritty - detailing the brass balls it took to come-of-age as a suburban, hip, and attractive young man who encounters the Big Apple by having a bite taken out of his life. Well-received by readers who share positive support of Christopher's coming-of-age story.

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  • Visit: to learn more about "HOMO GOGO MAN" Christopher Duquette.



Mr. Christopher Duquette as the author of this title is working on his second release at this time for the summer of 2019.

HOMO GOGO Man - 2nd Edition

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