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“Holding Fast: Daily Remembrances” – Unleash the Sacred Power Within!


Behold the 124-page marvel that transcends mere ink and paper. “Holding Fast”, a Christian journal by DonnaInk Publications, is more than a book; it’s a sacred vessel for your spiritual journey. Let me weave its tale.


“Holding Fast” – where faith meets ink, and eternity dances on every page.


  • Divine Purpose: This journal isn’t just a collection of pages; it’s a sanctuary for personal growth. Whether you seek solace, inspiration, or divine connection, “Holding Fast” awaits your touch.


  • Gift of Grace: Imagine gifting this treasure to your loved ones – your mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, or co-worker. Their hearts will swell with gratitude as they unwrap this disguised gem.


  • Cloaked Brilliance: Disguised as an unassuming “book,” it graces any reading shelf. But within those covers lies a universe of possibilities – a celestial dance of lined pages waiting for your sacred ink.


  • Daily Remembrances: Each page whispers ancient wisdom, beckoning you to record your thoughts, prayers, and revelations. It’s not just a journal; it’s a soul’s symphony.


  • Guided Intentions: Use it for:

    • Plans: Chart your course through life’s tempests.
    • Event Notations: Capture fleeting moments – the laughter, tears, and miracles.
    • Scheduling: Align your days with purpose and grace.


  • Visit the Portal: Dive deeper at DonnaInk. There, the veil lifts, revealing more treasures – books that stir the spirit, ignite the mind, and cradle the heart.


  • Keepsake Alchemy: Seek a bespoke keepsake?


Email with the subject line “Keepsake Book Creation.” We’ll weave magic together.

Holding Fast: Daily Remembrances: A DonnaInk Publications Diary, Journal, Script

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