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Squatch Guitar Riff Notebook: Unleash Your Musical Creativity


Are you a guitarist, a budding musician, or someone who simply loves the magic of guitar riffs? Look no further! The Squatch Guitar Riff Notebook is your perfect companion for capturing those electrifying moments of inspiration.


Purpose and Features:

  • Record Your Riffs: This notebook provides dedicated space for jotting down your original guitar riffs. Whether it’s a soulful melody, a head-banging riff, or a bluesy lick, this notebook has you covered.
  • Six Strings, Six Lines: Each page features six horizontal lines, mirroring the six strings of your guitar. Use them to notate your riffs, chords, and progressions.
  • Compact and Portable: Slip it into your gig bag, backpack, or pocket. It’s lightweight and ready to travel wherever your music takes you.
  • Inspiration Strikes Anytime: Keep it by your bedside, on your studio desk, or in your practice room. Capture those midnight revelations or impromptu jam sessions.
  • Squatch-Approved: Even Sasquatch himself would appreciate a good riff!


Creative Possibilities:

  • Compose New Songs: Use the notebook to build the foundation for your next hit song. Experiment with different chord progressions, scales, and rhythmic patterns.
  • Document Covers and Solos: Whether you’re covering a classic tune or creating your own solo, this notebook ensures you won’t forget those killer riffs.
  • Collaborate with Fellow Musicians: Imagine passing this notebook around during a jam session. Each riff becomes a collaborative masterpiece.


Beyond Music:

  • Lyric Ideas: Don’t limit yourself to just riffs. Scribble down lyrical snippets, song titles, or poetic musings.
  • Doodles and Art: Blank spaces invite doodles, sketches, or even mystical creatures (like our friend Squatch). Let your creativity flow beyond the fretboard.


Get Yours Today:

  • Available at DonnaInk Pubs and Amazon.


Remember, every riff you write could be the next iconic melody. So, grab your pen, channel your inner rockstar, and let the strings resonate with your soul!

Feel free to strum your imagination and make this notebook uniquely yours!

Have a squatch day!

Guitar Squatch: Take It From A Squatch: A DonnaInk Publications Guitar Riff Note

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Excluding Sales Tax
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