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Fashion Squatch Day Planner: Take It From A Squatch

A DonnaInk Publications Planner - Creations by Q


Dedicated to Jonathan Oliver. 


Whether you’re tracking forest expeditions or simply organizing your daily tasks, the Fashion Squatch Day Planner is your trusty companion. Gift it to fellow adventurers or keep it on your reading shelf—it’s perfect for jotting down notes, capturing writer prompts, and posting intentions. And if you’ve got a heart as big as a “Squatch,” this planner is tailor-made for you!

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Creations by Q
Where imagination meets organization.


About the Author

Quesinberry, Ms. Donna L., the creative force behind this delightful day planner, has a passion for blending whimsy with practicality. As an avid “Squatch” enthusiast, she brings the mystical and the mundane together in this 128-page planner.


About the Publisher

DonnaInk Publications is your go-to source for unique and captivating literary creations. With a commitment to quality and imagination, they’ve curated this planner to be both functional and fun.

Fashion Squatch Day Planner

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