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"Faces of Rap Mothers," is a compilation of backstories, tell-all's and images from a compilation of women involved in and around the rap and hip-hop industry. The title is not an empirical designation of all contributors as "rap and hip-hop" artist mothers but is more loosely associated with rap and hip-hop ladies who are mothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and/or daughter of rap and hip hop professional artisans . . . or even performers themselves. Some contributors own studios and are involved in engineering sound or filming videography to compliment artists.


Faces of Rap Mothers is now a rap and hip-hop trending platform; having incorporated, Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell bought a television network on Roku, so Faces of Rap Mothers Television Network serves as a burgeoning channel provider building solid audiences with increasing programming owner participants. Additionally, Faces of Rap Mothers has created Faces of Rap Mothers Music Group, where Faces of Rap Mothers Member Artists share rights to music hitting airwaves across America. These remakes, and soon to be "new" creations, are "dope" as far as listeners share.

And . . . on the horizon in 2022 is the Faces of Rap Mothers comedy movie, with Walter Franks III as Director and Screenwriter, Omar Gooding in a starring role, Faison Love also starring, and includes: Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell, Walter Franks, Omar Gooding, Lacey Banks, Baretta, Honey Blunt, Dianna Boss, Tina Brown, Star Bentley Conrad, Carlene Corsey, Stackz DaRealist, DJ Craig EC, Bobby DrakenIt, DUV MAC DOGG, Jayo Felony, Enola Gaye, King Gus George, Shonta Gibson, Gil & Ray (VATOS), Group X, Angel Gilcrest Guyton, Joann Hewett, Angel Hicks, Benji Hurd, Gilbert Jalapeno, Jon Jon, King Cali, KING THA RAPPER, Janet Lopez, Faison Love, Brandy Martin, Gladys Mcclendon, Madamm Meek, Lena Moss, Will Perfect, Brandi Pinchon, Donna Quesinberry, Lindsey Rose, Blanca Samperio, Dante Sears, Kellita Smith, Larry Smith, Giia Stanley, Carlton Strothers, Suga T, Sally Sweets, Jaira Valente, Makinda Melody Vickers, Bonnie Williams, Nina Womack, Danny Zaino, Theresa Lynn Zaino, and Eric Zuley.

Series Books include:

  • Faces of Rap Mothers Books One through Ten in print and hardcover 
  • Rap Mothers Save The Day Books One through Ten in print and hardcover
  • Faces of Rap Mothers Fathers Editions Books One through Ten in print and hardcover 
  • Faces of Rap Mothers Presents Books One through Ten in print and hardcover 
  • Faces of Rap Mothers Journals, Sketchpads, Planners, Organizers, etc.


Additionally, varied publisher sponsored books and merchandise are available as the "original" gifts of the "Faces of Rap Mothers" multi-series books franchise through Publisher, DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. and their Beat Deep Books and Little Buggy Productions Imprints.


About the Author: Niece of Ophelia DeVore-Mitchell, Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell, wears many hats. Presently, her newest involves 1) music production company and 2) television network owner. These new performance verticals are subsidiary in nature to the overarching Faces of Rap Mothers (a California corporation) doing business as Faces of Rap Mothers Enterprise. Candy is a wife and mother and an actress, author, and executive producer and CEO of Black Cash Records, two of Candy’s children, namely HONEY and KING THA RAPPER, are rap / hip-hop entertainers. She resides in Los Angeles with her children and husband.

The author and contributors are available for interviews and book signings look for us on the web to learn more.

​​​​​​​Thank you for your support! Be Blessed. Peace.

Faces of Rap Mothers - BK. #5

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