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With a fresh literary voice and an otherworldly perspective, M. Frederic Jennings has splashed into the horror genre of contemporary fiction with his latest blood soaked tome, And the Dead Shall Rise. Udo Henkman is a man who has made his way to heaven, only to forlornly discover, his family hasn't.


So, what went wrong? Try the fact that after Udo s early exit from the earthly realm, his wife and son rebel against the Lord they all use to worship together and plunge into sinful waywardness. His youngest, a little girl, and the apple of Udo s eye, hasn't yet, but as with the rest of the family, now an even greater obstacle has presented itself in the form of a worldwide, extinction level earthquake. And worse yet, set free in the cataclysm from their earthen dungeons at the same time are Satan, his demonic lieutenants, and hordes of zombies to serve them.


The race is on. Can Udo, sent back to Earth in his perfected, superhuman heavenly form, make it to his family before the King of Evil does?


And more important, are there also much greater prizes at stake, as it soon becomes apparent that even God and Jesus are all in on this project too, and although the quake was an extinction level event, can just a remnant survive and possibly carry on?


This is a true horror novel reflecting on the rapture, end of world, apocalyptic representation of the world in the end days . . . or is it just the beginning?


About the Author: M. Frederic Jennings wrote this novel after having a true-to-life dream depicting its events and feeling led to share it in a fictional account.

And The Dead Shall Rise

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