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Imagine dying and waking up in heaven, only to discover that your family is ensnared in a nightmarish abyss on Earth. Udo Henkman, once a devout follower of God, now grapples with loss. His wife and son have forsaken the Lord, plunging into sin and corruption. Yet, his innocent daughter remains untouched—surrounded by malevolence and peril.


The cataclysmic earthquake that shatters the world is no mere natural disaster; it is a divine proclamation of wrath. The seals binding Satan and his malevolent demons rupture, and they ascend from the abyss, their fury unbridled. Their command echoes through the desolation: “Hunt down the survivors. Devour them. Prepare the way for the Antichrist.”


But God’s mercy endures. Udo is sent back to Earth, clad in a heavenly vessel, bestowed with divine powers and a sacred missionrescue his family from the devil’s clutches before the final judgment. He is not alone; God and Jesus guide him, revealing a greater purpose. They hold the key to a prophecy—a choice that could either redeem the world or seal its doom.


And the Dead Shall Rise is a pulse-pounding odyssey, a symphony of faith, love, and courage in the face of unimaginable horrors. As the end times loom, or perhaps the dawn of a new age, this tale will shatter your perceptions of heaven and hell. Brace yourself—the abyss awaits.


About the Author: M. Frederic Jennings emerges as a sinister whisper in the horror genre. His inspiration? A lucid, bone-chilling dream that clung to his consciousness. Now, he weaves terror into words, inviting readers to tread the precipice between reality and nightmare.


About the Publisher: DonnaInk Publications and their Nocturnums Muse Imprint thrive on birthing quality nightmares—books that haunt, thrill, and enlighten.

And The Dead Shall Rise

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