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🌟 Introducing “An Ageism Odyssey” Merchandise!


👕 Men’s T-shirt: Fruit of the Loom® Edition


🔥 Product Highlights:

  • Product Name: Fruit of the Loom® Men’s T-shirt
  • Color: Sleek Black
  • Backside: A blank canvas, ready for your story
  • Decoration Area: The entire Full Front
  • Decoration: Vibrant Full-Color Print


📖 Why Wear It?

  • An Ageism Odyssey: A journey of resilience, revelation, and redemption.
  • Christopher Duquette: The enigma behind the ink—a survivor, a seeker, a storyteller.
  • Lifeline: This tee isn’t just fabric; it’s a lifeline connecting hearts across time.


🌈 Wear Your Story:

  • Survivor: Let the black embrace your scars—the battles you’ve won.
  • Revelation: Each stitch whispers secrets—the kind that heal.
  • Legacy: Your chest becomes a canvas—a testament to resilience.


🌟 Get Yours Today: Visit and explore the full “An Ageism Odyssey” collection. Unleash your spirit, wear your truth, and dance through life’s odyssey.


💌 Limited Edition: Grab yours before the stars align elsewhere.


About the Author: Born in 1958, Christopher Duquette defies labels. From Northern California to Manhattan’s neon-lit nights, he danced through life’s chapters. Now, in the Hudson Valley, he weaves words into constellations.


🌟 Connect with Christopher:

  • Facebook: Author Christopher Duquette and Christopher Duquette Author.
  • Books: Dive into his other works, including the acclaimed “Homo GoGo Man”.

“An Ageism Odyssey”: Wear it. Live it. Be the odyssey. 🌟📖✨

An Ageism Odyssey Tee

PriceFrom $20.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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