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🌟 “An Ageism Odyssey”: A Journey of Resilience and Revelation


In this poignant book, Christopher Duquette, a courageous voice in the LGBTQIA community, lays bare his soul. As the final installment in his five-book series, this work transcends mere words—it’s a lifeline for those navigating the treacherous waters of substance abuse and recovery.


📖 Book Description:

  • Title: An Ageism Odyssey
  • Author: Christopher Duquette
  • Genre: LGBTQIA, Substance Abuse, Recovery
  • Pages: 186
  • Release Date: September 26, 2022


🔥 Synopsis: Christopher Duquette, a homosexual man, bares his scars and victories. He invites readers into the labyrinth of survival, personal revelation, and reparation. Through raw prose, he weaves a tapestry of resilience—a testament to the human spirit’s indomitable will to rise from the ashes of self-destruction.


🌈 Why Read It?

  • Survival: Duquette’s journey mirrors our own battles. His survival becomes our beacon.
  • Revelation: The pages whisper secrets—the kind that heal and transform.
  • Reparation: Here, redemption blooms—a fragile flower in the wasteland of addiction.


🌟 About the Author: Born in 1958, Christopher Duquette’s life defies labels. His roots stretch from Northern California to the bustling streets of New York City. A seeker, a dancer, and a survivor, he danced his way through education, corporate corridors, and neon-lit clubs.

  • Social Exile: His early years were a dance of solitude, but fate led him to SUNY @ Stony Brook. There, he pirouetted through knowledge, fueled by the rhythm of NYC’s heartbeat.
  • Manhattan Nights: Graduating, he waltzed into Manhattan—a city pulsing with dreams and shadows.
  • Corporate Ascent: For twenty-four years, he twirled in the corporate whirlwind, chasing success.
  • Rock Bottom: But life’s tempo shifted. He hit rock bottom, and the dance floor blurred.
  • Fresh Start: In the Hudson Valley, he found redemption—a second chance to pirouette toward light.
  • Storm Orion: And there, in the arms of Storm Orion, he discovered love—the kind that heals and holds.


🌟 Connect with Christopher:

  • Facebook: Follow him on Author Christopher Duquette and Christopher Duquette Author.
  • Books: Explore his other works, including the acclaimed "Homo GoGo Man"1.


“An Ageism Odyssey”: A symphony of survival, a dance of revelation. Let its rhythm echo in your heart. 🌟📖✨

An Ageism Odyssey

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