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“50 Million Things Since Sunday Journal”: A DonnaInk Publications Masterpiece!

Discover the 128-page treasure that transcends mere ink and paper. It’s not just a journal—it’s an adventure, a legacy, and a spark of inspiration. Whether you’re a dreamer, a doer, or a daydreamer, this journal is your secret companion.


Why Gift It?

  • For your beloved mother, who deserves a canvas for her wisdom.
  • For your father, whose stories deserve to be etched in time.
  • For your sister, who dances with words.
  • For your brother, whose thoughts echo across the pages.
  • For your cousin, who seeks solace in ink.
  • For your aunt, whose laughter deserves a home.
  • For your uncle, who pens his legacy.
  • For your co-worker, who juggles deadlines and dreams.


What’s Inside?

  • Lined pages: A playground for your thoughts, plans, and midnight revelations.
  • Event notations: Capture life’s fleeting moments—the whispers, the laughter, the tears.
  • Scheduling: Your compass for days yet to unfold.
  • Creations by Q for You!: A touch of magic, a dash of mystery.


Explore More: Visit to dive into the enchanting world of “50 Million Things Since Sunday.” Uncover hidden realms, connect with fellow seekers, and ignite your imagination.


Specialty Keepsake? Yearning for a bespoke keepsake? Email us at with the subject line: Keepsake Book Creation. Let’s craft your legacy together!


 About the AuthorMs. Quesinberry, the enigma herself, dances on the footpath of conscious evolution. She weaves words into spells, inspiring men, women, and children. As a brand whisperer, shadow alchemist, and cosmic storyteller, she beckons us to create a world where ink becomes light, and pages breathe wisdom.


Her Journey:

  • 200+ books: Her ink spills across genres, from mystery to magic.
  • 30+ ghostwritten titles: Celebrities, business moguls, and politicians seek her quill.
  • 10+ books: Her soul sings through poetry and prose.
  • 25,000+ documents: A symphony of knowledge, touching hearts globally.
  • 40+ books: Her legacy etched in every syllable.


Family Ties: A mother of five, a Grand’Mere to eleven, and a tri-state wanderer (Maryland), Ms. Q embodies resilience, love, and the art of storytelling.


Unleash your story. Write your legend. “50 Million Things Since Sunday” awaits.

50 Million Things Since Sunday Journal

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