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Introducing the 50 Million Things Since Sunday Planner by DonnaInk Publications


Unlock a world of organization and inspiration with our meticulously crafted 128-page planner. Disguised as a “book,” it graces your reading shelf while secretly harboring a treasure trove of lined pages. Whether you’re a parent, a sibling, a co-worker, or anyone seeking purposeful planning, this planner is your accomplice.


Key Features:

  • Thoughtfully Designed: Each page awaits your dreams, plans, and event notations. From scheduling life’s milestones to jotting down spontaneous ideas, this planner keeps pace with your every thought.
  • Creations by Q for You!: Behind its unassuming cover lies the magic of DonnaInk’s signature touch. It’s not just a planner; it’s an experience—an invitation to weave your story.


Visit to explore more literary wonders.

And if you crave something truly unique—a keepsake that transcends time—reach out to us at In the subject line, simply type: Keepsake Book Creation. We’ll turn your vision into reality.


About the Author: Meet Ms. Quesinberry, affectionately known as Q. She’s no ordinary wordsmith. With over two hundred published books and thirty ghostwritten titles for luminaries across industries, Q dances between ink and stardust. Her Creations by Q for You! activity books spark joy, while her poetic soul weaves 25,000 documents touching 100+ subjects. As a syndicated journalist, she uplifts hearts—one story at a time.


But Q’s journey doesn’t end there. She’s a mother of five, a Grand-Mère to eleven, and a teacher who’s spun her own online university program in writing enhancement. Maryland is her canvas, and the universe her inkwell. Welcome to her cosmic library.

50 Million Things Since Sunday Day Planner

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