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      Born in Italy, but raised in Alexandria VA, Tom Saputo started playing music at age 5. By age 8, he was playing piano, guitar, drums and bass. Singing came later at age 16.  Tom started writing and recording music as a teenager as well. He was always fascinated by small tape recorders and mesmerized  by records. Musical instruments and tape recorders were his coveted possessions. 

      Tom started playing in local bands at age 8 playing the hits of the 60's.  Teen dances and outside parties is where it all started. But Tom considers his first professional job at a Jolly Ox in Alexandria VA. June of 1972. He then ( with his brother John and best friend Bobby) started circulating the restaurants at the time. The Top of the Town, the Mediterranean East to name a few.  The next decades were full of countless gigs, private parties and recording sessions. 

     Tom has played with some famous folks too.  Joan Jett, Lloyd Price, Miki Howard, Sony recording artist Rory and Irving Berlin's granddaughter Mary Ellin Lerner. He has produced countless CD recordings for many great singers and also produces videos to promote the recordings. 

     He currently host exciting open mics in the Washington DC metro area as well as recording, rehearsing and coaching talented singers in his  local area. 

       Tom also creates professional flyers, photo editing and video creation. 

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