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If you are developing a manuscript and/or working on a publication and are not interested in being a represented author, but would like to have some work completed on your behalf . . . DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. through our sister company, dpInk Ltd. Liability Company does offer the following service support. There are those times where a little assistance is a worthwhile endeavor and dpInk is available to help! Once a service is requested, orchestration is seamless. Clients work through DonnaInk to dpInk without any unnecessary burdens.

  • At DonnaInk, your words deserve to be read!

    $1200.00 (dep. $300)
  • At DonnaInk, your words deserve to be read!

    1,200 US dollars
  • Transform Your Words into Melodic Magic with DonnaInk Publications!

    50 US dollars
  • “Crafting Literary Constellations, One Brand at a Time!”

    From 150 US dollars
  • “Crafting Words, Shaping Worlds: DonnaInk’s Artistry in Book Design”

    From 100 US dollars
  • “Where Your Book Begins: Crafting Memorable Front Matter”

    349 US dollars
  • DonnaInk Publications, LLC: Where words find their wings and stories c...

    2,000 US dollars
  • “Refine Your Story, Elevate Your Voice”

    $00.07 per word
  • “Crafting Stories, Shaping Voices”

    $00.11 per word
  • “Refining Words, Crafting Brilliance”

    $00.09 per word

  • $00.12 per word
  • “Ink Unleashed: Crafting Literary Canvases Before the Press”

    $40.00 per hour
  • “Ink Your Story, Share Your Journey.”

    From 50 US dollars
  • “Ink Perfected: Where Words Shine Bright”

    $00.05 per word
  • “Fact Sheets That Spark Literary Magic!”

    175 US dollars
  • “Ignite Your Words, Illuminate the World!”

    From 300 US dollars

  • From 300 US dollars
  • “Navigating Words, Amplifying Reach”

    From 250 US dollars
  • “Unleash the Prologue. Ignite the Buzz. ARC Like a Literary Comet.”

    From 500 US dollars
  • “Unlock Your Story: Where Words Blossom and Ideas Flourish!”

    $00.15 per word
  • “Crafting Words, Shaping Dreams: Where Imagination Meets Precision.”

    From 0.75 US dollars
  • Founder and President Consultation

    50 US dollars
  • “Unlock Your Book’s Identity: Get Your ISBN with DonnaInk!”

    135 US dollars
  • DonnaInk Publications: Where words come alive.

    From 275 US dollars
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