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“Your Soul ~ Your Magic”

A 5th Dimensional Guidebook for Soul Acceptance

In the crucible of 2024, where the veil between realms grows thin, “Your Soul ~ Your Magic” emerges—a beacon of transcendence, a symphony of cosmic whispers. Written by the enigmatic Donna L. Quesinberry, this guidebook transcends mere words; it pulses with the heartbeat of eternity.


Unveiling the Veil

In these pages, you’ll unravel the enigma of existence. Signs, wonders, and works converge, echoing Acts 2:43. We are not mere mortals; we are spiritual beings navigating earthly vessels. The Holy Ghost breathes through our bones, and the Heavenly Father whispers secrets in our dreams. As time bends, we step into our destined seasons (Acts 1:7).


“Your Soul ~ Your Magic” awaits. Open its cover, and let the cosmic currents carry you beyond the veil. 


About the Author: Donna L. Quesinberry

Ms. Quesinberry, affectionately known as “Q,” is no ordinary scribe. She has penned over two hundred books, each a portal to realms unseen. Her quill dances across dimensions, etching truths into existence. But her legacy extends beyond ink and paper.


As a claircognizantclairaudientclairsentientclairalientclairtangent, and precognitive vessel, she channels wisdom from celestial currents. Her faith is unwavering—a bridge between the mundane and the miraculous.


About the Publisher: DonnaInk Publications

DonnaInk Publications, a cosmic forge, hammers truth into form. From the molten core of creativity, they birth literary constellations. Their mission: to ignite souls, one page at a time. With over thirty ghostwritten titles for luminaries and thirty of her own creations, DonnaInk weaves stardust into prose.


Donna L. Quesinberry, a mother of five and Grandmère to eleven, resides in Maryland. Her online university program in writing enhancement echoed across dimensions, leaving ripples in the cosmic tapestry. 

Your Soul ~ Your Magic

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First week of August 2024.
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