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“Trade Secrets: Real-time Roadmap to Acting”



In the spotlight’s glow, where scripts come alive and emotions collide, Catherine Sewell unveils the trade secrets that transform mere actors into captivating storytellers. Her latest release, “Trade Secrets: Real-time Roadmap to Acting,” is a beacon for those hungry to master their craft.


About the Author: Catherine Sewell

Catherine Sewell, born in McColl, South Carolina, now calls North Carolina home. Armed with advanced graduate degrees, she has donned various hats—as a school psychologist, teacher, counselor, and school administrator. But her heart beats to the rhythm of the stage and the silver screen.


Catherine’s journey began in elementary school talent contests, where her voice soared. In college, she stepped onto the drama stage, and her passion ignited. Since 1998, she has graced the entertainment industry with her presence. From background roles in feature films to principal roles in independent movies, television, commercials, and voice-overs, Catherine’s versatility shines. She co-hosts “Live at Nine,” interviews celebrities, and hosts North Carolina broadcast shows.


Her accolades include the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Eligibility, earned through a memorable role in the iconic “Lost Gnome” Travelocity Commercial. Catherine’s life experiences as a mother, grandmother, teacher, psychologist, and college professor infuse her performances with authenticity.

The Journey Within: Genres Explored

“Trade Secrets” transcends boundaries. Whether you’re a budding actor or a seasoned thespian, Catherine’s real-time wisdom guides you through:


  • Film: Unleash your presence on the big screen.
  • Television: Navigate the nuances of episodic storytelling.
  • Commercials: Master brevity without sacrificing impact.
  • Industrial Training Videos: Transform information into compelling narratives.
  • Theater: Command the stage with authenticity.
  • Music Videos: Dance to the rhythm of the lens.
  • Book Trailers: Craft visual teasers that leave audiences hungry for more.


Why Read “Trade Secrets”?

  • Practical Insights: Catherine’s light pen illuminates the path without bogging you down in details.
  • Real-Life Accounts: Learn from her eclectic career spanning various entertainment mediums.
  • Craftsmanship: Discover the artistry behind every role.
  • Training Appeal: Whether you’re an actor, director, or writer, this book sharpens your skills.


As the curtain rises, let “Trade Secrets: Real-time Roadmap to Acting” be your compass—a guide to excellence, authenticity, and the magic of the stage.





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Trade Secrets: Real-Time Roadmap to Acting

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