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Second title in "The History of the Small World" Series

In the first book in the History of Small World series, titled “The Siege of the Small World” we journeyed with the leprechauns as they organized an expedition to the north in order to find out why trade had stopped.


This second book in the series begins with their arrival at the North Groves and continues with their trials and challenges in the hope that the northern and southern trade can be reestablished.


* * * *


This is an enlightening series of interesting events which holds the reader captive. The vivid details engage the reader with glimpses of Small World which includes dwarfs, lepelves, elves, gnomes and leprechauns. The story is a reflection of the challenges of a world where light and truth triumphs narrowly but only when sought by the few good.


Ar Perumal Nagapushnam, Architect
Post Grad Dip Architecture
Selangor, Malaysia


  • Book One: "The Siege of the Small World"
  • Book Two: "The Uniting of the Small World"
  • Book Three: "Saving the Small World"

About the Author: Dr. Plenert’s first fantasy fiction effort is the Small World Series. He has also ventured into mystery and suspense novels and looks forward to as good a career as he has in business writing as a fiction author. Thus far, two of his The History of the Small World series titles are released: "The Siege of the Small World," and "The Uniting of the Small World." "Saving the Small World," is slated for spring 2021! It is shortly becoming available in pre-release; all pre-release orders are delivered "first" prior to any/all post-release shipments.


With 14 years of academic experience, Dr. Plenert has published over 150 articles and 22 books on Lean, supply chain strategy, operations management and planning. He has also written MBA textbooks and operations planning books for the United Nations. Dr. Plenert’s ideas and publications have been endorsed by people like Steven Covey and companies such as Motorola, AT&T, Black & Decker, and FedEx.


Dr. Plenert previously served as a tenured full professor at California State University, Chico; a professor at BYU, BYU–Hawaii, University of Malaysia, University of San Diego; and has been a visiting professor at numerous universities all over the world. He earned degrees in math, physics, and German; and he holds an MBA, MA in international studies, and PhD in resource economics (oil and gas) and operations management. Dr. Plenert continues to serve as a Shingo examiner and as an Adjunct Faculty member for several universities.


Having just returned from mission service in the Philippines for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Dr. Plenert and his wife currently reside in California and Utah and are the parents of eight (8) adult children. His publications are viewable at and - to receive deepest pocket discounts, visit the publisher: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. and their ThunderForge Pubs (Fantasy and Science Fiction) Imprint.

The Uniting of the Small World

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