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As a young child, Samuel came under the controlling influence of his father, Harry, who denied his son any knowledge of the national manhunt for his uncle, Frank, ‘‘The Knifeman,’’ Mitchum. And by keeping many more secrets from her son, Samuel’s mother, Marie, would one day reap what she had sown.


Frank Mitchum, a notoriously violent escapee from Broadmoor high-security prison, would ultimately meet his fate at the hands of two of the 1960s most notorious EastEnd gangsters the Krayford twins, and such a tragedy would utterly devastate Samuel’s mother and the other members of her close-knit family.


And so, a sequence of overbearing parental control, secrets, lies, and a perceived abandonment during Samuel’s formative years, would ingrain early pathological flaws, which were born out of his growing insecurities. To win parental approval, Samuel adopted a habit of lying that would develop from child-like tall tales, into a chronic dysfunction which would blight the rest of his life, and have a notorious impact on so many others.


Samuel was now destined to experience the dysfunctional life of a sociopath, engaging in serial philandering, betrayal, failed marriages, and the shameful abandonment of his only daughter. And despite becoming a founder partner of an institution controlled by one of the world’s wealthiest families, his status would be destroyed when he became seduced by the dark world, of international financial alchemy.


Descending into an inevitable life of alcoholism, addiction and hedonism, Samuel resorted to evermore desperate lengths to keep himself afloat, only to then stagger from one disaster to another, where, he would find himself with no more lifelines. Or perhaps, that was not quite the case?


Only by a chance meeting with an enigmatic Oracle, would Samuel begin to eventually understand why such flagrant events happen to all of us and, to challenge the very notion, as to whether mankind truly has freewill?


The Spiritual Sociopath Volume II

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