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"Special Angels is an exquisite 128-page journal adorned with captivating ‘Special Angel’ images. Within its pages, you’ll find an introduction, an overview of a few special angels, and inspiring angel quotes. This heartfelt creation is designed for those in your life who are blessed with their own ‘Special Angels’, diligently watching over their day-to-day well-being.


The dedication of this title is to Justice Celeste (aka Poppy), who, as promised by her Heavenly Father, is surrounded by these ‘Special Angels’. Whether displayed on your bookshelf or used as a personal diary, this journal invites you to organize your thoughtsrecord cherished memories, showcase your poetry, and more. Additionally, it features a prayer list section, allowing you to document your private moments of reflection. The very first line of this prayer list honors Justice Celeste (aka Poppy), setting the path for thoughtful contemplation. And here’s a beautiful tradition: if you gift this journal, consider adding a special someone to that initial prayer line—a gesture that amplifies the power of collective prayers and positive energies.


We deeply appreciate your support for Creations by Q for You! If you seek a specialty keepsake title, feel free to explore our offerings online or reach out via email. Simply include ‘RE: Creations by Q For You! Request’ in the subject line, and share your keepsake goals—we’ll strive to fulfill them at a reasonable rate.


May you be blessed, stay safe, and find peace!"

Special Angels: Yes! You Have Special Angels

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