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"Seasons of Thunder," shares the story of Batjibilibili, a well-known writer and newspaper columnist from Gaborone, Botswana. She is in love with her husband Ntungamili who is a recluse, and poet, consumed with contemplative inertia and angst.

No matter her love for Ntungamili, Batjibilibili spends most of her time with Satjilombe who is a Member of Parliament, the Senior Minister in the Office of the President and a goatherd clod who preys on attractive women for fun through his political influences.

Batjibilibili feels dirty and disgusted after making love to Satjilombe. "Seasons of Thunder" shared Batjibilibili's life and story, which unravel against the bedrock of four successive political rulers.

Seasons of Thunder, by Teedzani Thapelo of Botswana & Zimbabwe

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