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Off Balance in the Spin Cycle: How to Find Your Balance in a Chaotic World

Have you ever felt like your life is spinning out of control? Like you’re trying to do too much, too fast, and too recklessly? Like your clothes in a washing machine that’s off balance, you’re rocking and shaking, and you need an adjustment.


That’s how Christopher Duquette felt for most of his life. He was always looking for shortcuts, for quick fixes, for easy pleasures. He was addicted to the fast lane, to the thrill of the night, to the rush of the drugs. He was living at his maximum RPM, and he didn’t care about the consequences.

But he soon realized that his lifestyle was not sustainable. He was hurting himself, his relationships, and his future. He was losing his balance, his harmony, his chi. He needed to change, to slow down, to find his center.


Off Balance in the Spin Cycle is a collection of short stories that chronicle Christopher's journey from chaos to calm, from addiction to recovery, from imbalance to balance. With honesty, humor, and insight, he shares his struggles and his triumphs, his mistakes and his lessons, his fears and his hopes. He shows us how he learned to cope with his challenges, to build his support network, and to heal himself.


Off Balance in the Spin Cycle is a book for anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed, stressed, or lost in their own life. It’s a book that will inspire you, entertain you, and educate you. It’s a book that will help you find your balance in a chaotic world.


About the Author: Christopher Duquette is a writer, speaker, and coach who helps people find their balance and live their best lives. He is a former go-go dancer, hustler, and drug addict who turned his life around and became a successful graphic designer, teacher, and author. He lives in Florida with his husband and their two dogs.


About the Publisher: 2nd Spirit Books is an independent publisher that specializes in LGBTQ+ literature. They are committed to bringing diverse and authentic voices to their readers. They are always on the search for a good story that can inspire, entertain, and educate.


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Off Balance in the Spin Cycle

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