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Nurses Rock: A Tribute Journal


Dedicated to Brittany Elizabeth


In the quiet moments between shifts, when the hospital corridors echo with footsteps and whispered conversations, nurses leave their indelible mark. Their compassion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to healing weave a tapestry of hope. “Nurses Rock” celebrates these unsung heroes, capturing their essence within its 120 pages.



  • Lined Pages: A canvas for your thoughts, dreams, and reflections. Jot down snippets of gratitude, patient stories, or those fleeting sparks of inspiration.
  • Intentions & Manifestations: Here, intentions take root. Write down your aspirations, visualize your path, and let the ink breathe life into your dreams.
  • Keepsakes: Tuck away mementos—a pressed flower, a heartfelt note, or a worn-out badge. Each page cradles memories like a gentle embrace.
  • Journaling Sanctuary: Pour your heart onto these pages. Share victories, challenges, and the quiet victories that unfold in the hush of night shifts.
  • Creations by Q for You!: This journal is a cherished part of our series—a testament to the magic that happens when ink meets paper.


About DonnaInk Publications

DonnaInk Publications, under the visionary guidance of Donna L. Quesinberry, crafts literary gems that resonate. With each stroke of the pen, they honor stories that matter. Their commitment to quality ensures that every page is an invitation—to explore, to remember, and to be blessed.


Seeking Unique Keepsake Book Creations?

If your heart yearns for bespoke treasures, seek us out on the web. Email us with the subject line: “Creations by Q for You!” Share your goals, your dreams, and let us weave magic together. 


Thank you for gracing this title with your presence. May peace be your companion on this journey. 


Feel free to explore more, and may your words dance across these pages like the footsteps of dedicated nurses.


Nurses Rock Journal

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