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“Montana Terror”: A Heart-Pounding Thriller by Gerhard Plenert

In the rugged wilderness of Montana, a serial killer is on the loose. But this killer isn’t wielding a knife or gun—they’re using drones. As bodies pile up, Lead Homicide Detective Jill England, a brilliant investigator with a penchant for solving the unsolvable, races against time to unravel the twisted web of clues left behind by the elusive killer.


Key Themes:

  • High-Tech Horror: Plenert masterfully explores the intersection of cutting-edge technology and primal fear. The drones, once tools of convenience, become instruments of terror in the hands of a cunning murderer.
  • Cat-and-Mouse Chase: As the body count rises, Detective England finds herself in a deadly game of wits with the killer. Each move brings her closer to the truth, but also closer to danger.
  • Montana’s Stark Beauty: Against the backdrop of Montana’s breathtaking landscapes, the tension escalates. From rugged communities that capture eras gone by, to snow-capped peaks or dense forests, every scene crackles with suspense.


Book Cover Reveal: Behold the striking cover of “Montana Terror.” The design captures the essence of the novel—a drone wielding serial killer silhouetted against the military fray, hinting at the impending danger. The title, embossed in bold letters, promises an adrenaline-fueled ride.

Release Date: “Montana Terror” is scheduled for release in April 2024. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat as Gerhard Plenert delivers a pulse-pounding thriller that will leave you questioning the very technology we rely on.


About Gerhard Plenert: Gerhard Plenert is an award-winning author known for his captivating storytelling and intricate plots. His previous works include “Montana Bleeds” and “Saving the Small World.” Plenert’s ability to blend suspense, emotion, and vivid settings has garnered him a loyal readership worldwide.


About DonnaInk Publications: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C., a small, woman-owned publishing house based in Maryland, United States, is a beacon for both traditional and indie authors. Their commitment to quality literature shines through in their selection of gripping novels like “Montana Terror.” Learn more about DonnaInk Publications at DonnaInk Publications.


For more information about Gerhard Plenert and his books, visit Gerhard Plenert Books.

Montana Terror

Releasing April 2024.
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