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“Lil Jay’s First Verse”

Lil Jay stood at the precipice of a new chapter—the first day at his unfamiliar school. Anxiety clung to him like a shadow, casting doubt on his steps. But fate had other plans.

Enter Honey, his cousin and a seasoned rap artist. Honey sensed Lil Jay’s unease and leaned in, asking the pivotal question: “What’s the matter?”


Lil Jay poured out his concerns—the sea of new faces, the uncharted hallways, the fear of not fitting in. Honey’s brother, a fellow artist, joined the conversation. His solution? A rap song—a lyrical bridge to connect Lil Jay with his classmates and teacher.


But before penning verses, Honey led Lil Jay to a remarkable group—the Rap Mothers. These women, champions of non-violence and positive solutions, welcomed Lil Jay into their fold. Among them were Bonnie, Candy, Jamie, Lena, LIL MAMA, Nina, Queen G, and his wise grandmother, Barreta.


The Rap Mothers shared stories—their own triumphs, their battles against doubt, their unwavering support for one another. Lil Jay soaked in their wisdom, and slowly, his anxiety transformed into empowerment.


With newfound courage, Lil Jay practiced his rap song alongside his uncle, KING THA RAPPER. The beats echoed resilience, the lyrics whispered hope. And when the day arrived, Lil Jay stepped onto the stage, heart pounding.


As he performed, the room buzzed with energy. OG DUV MAC DOGG and DOGGY DOGG joined Honey Blunt and LIL MAMA, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Rap Mothers. Their collective presence fueled Lil Jay’s voice, amplifying his message of courage and acceptance.

And so, Lil Jay conquered his fears, not just for himself but for others too. His journey became a beacon—a testament that change, though daunting, could birth strength. As the school year unfolded, Lil Jay extended his hand to fellow students, easing their reservations.


About “Rap Mothers Save The Day”:

  • This ten-part children’s series celebrates resilience, friendship, and growth.
  • Each quarterly book shares positive outcomes, guiding young hearts through life’s adjustments.


For more inspiring tales, visit Faces of Rap Mothers. Lil Jay’s story is just the beginning—a rhythm of hope in a world of possibilities.


Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell is a multifaceted individual known for her contributions in various fields. Let’s delve into her background:


Early Life and Heritage:

  • Candy grew up in New York City, NY.
  • She is the niece of Ophelia DeVore-Mitchell, a civil rights leader who worked alongside Dr. Martin Luther King.
  • Her family has deep roots in both the entertainment and political landscapes.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation:

  • Candy is the Chairwoman, Founder, and Creator of the Faces of Rap Mothers®™ Television Network and Platform.
  • Her vision celebrates the diversity of women involved in rap and hip-hop in the 21st century.
  • Through her corporation, she unites and empowers Rap Mothers™©.


Legacy and Impact:

  • Candy’s upbringing, intertwined with the civil rights fabric championed by Dr. Martin Luther King, has shaped her journey.
  • She continues to be an innovator and a force for positive change.

Jay's First Day At A New School

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