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“Illuminating Shadows: A Journey from a Higher Realm of Existence” 

Embark on a cosmic odyssey—a voyage that transcends the mundane and dances with the divine. In the pages of this profound guidebook, Donna L. Quesinberry beckons you to explore the hidden realms within.


White Light Shadow Work Prompt Guide: A Synopsis

Unlock the depths within. Here’s what awaits:

  • Introduction to White Light Shadow Work: Illuminate the murkiest corners of your existence. The brilliance of white light awaits—a sacred pilgrimage of self-revelation.

  • Navigating the Enneagram: Your soul map unfolds. Nine facets mirror the divine within you.

  • Over 100 Thought-Provoking Prompts: Dive deep. Ancient wisdom and modern insights converge, guiding your conscious awareness.

  • Resonating Quotes: Sages, poets, mystics—they whisper across these pages. Let their words spark transformation.

  • Aesthetic Delight: Not just nourishment for the mind—a visual feast for your bookshelf.


About the Author

Donna L. Quesinberry—a mystic, a seeker, a weaver of words. Her labyrinthine journey has led her beyond the ordinary, fueled by curiosity and reverence. As your guide, she draws from ancient teachings, personal insights, and a cosmic connection to universal energy.


About the Publisher

DonnaInk Publications—our celestial vessel for spiritual exploration—proudly presents “Illuminating Shadows.” We bridge the earthly and the ethereal, curating soulful companions for your quest. Let our books resonate with your innermost yearnings and ignite transformation.


Join us. As you explore shadowed recesses, remember: You’re not alone. Fellow seekers intertwine their energy with yours—a cosmic dance of existence. 

Illuminating Shadows: A Journey from a Higher Realm of Existence

Releasing May 2024
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