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For the love of his daughters, Tom stayed another three years in the Czech Republic. During this time, his life was one of great difficulty to say the least. His ex-wife, Martina, spent the whole time on a deranged and psychopathic programme against the father of her children. She had tried to put him in prison, tried to stop the children from seeing him, and kept threatening him with court cases for any reason. Martina went around telling everyone that she wanted the best for him and that he was important for both Mary and Lucie. Despite all the hurdles he had to face, his children stood by him, while living in fear of their mother and her violent partner.


As for Tom himself, he had tried hard, and whenever his children were with him, he gave them his everything. They had several holidays together, and Martina was always welcome to join them, but instead preferred to sulk in her thoughts. Without selling out on his principles to find a good woman, he failed, and eventually with the feminist state workers hell bent on his downfall; with a heavy heart he fled the country.

Having not seen their daddy for one year, the girls went through a lot of emotional pain yet; Martina took steps against what was left of the little contact between the father and children. In spite of all odds against them, the love between the children and their daddy doesn’t diminish, while Martina who in spite of creating the mess herself, feels as though she is the unluckiest woman in the world, while her own parents, finally realise that Tom was not the devil she had portrayed him as, and realise that their own daughter is unhinged.  


As the children develop psychological traumas from the loss of their daddy, Martina unwilling to face the reality, remains convinced that Tom is the reason for this unpleasant situation and is waiting to strike him at the earliest possible moment.

For the Love of My Children

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