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This book shares over fifty-one (51) rap and hip-hop friends of Candy's who are acting as television and movie stars in her ongoing filmmaking vision for the rap mother brand. The newest of her titles is evergreen, low-content, and promotional and identifies a liturgy of some of the actors intended to be included in the future popcorn film.


Currently, this synoptic series is aired through Universal to Peacock's streaming platform in the guise of teasers set to music revealing "Faces of Rap Mothers" original content - often filmed by Candy herself as Executive Producer. All artists and actors who share talents and credits as a working team, willingly aid and promote, one another reaching a common goal in comradery.


About the Author: Niece of Ophelia DeVore-Mitchell, Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell, wears many hats. Presently, her newest involves 1) music production company and 2) television network owner. These new performance verticals are subsidiary in nature to the overarching Faces of Rap Mothers (a California corporation) doing business as Faces of Rap Mothers Enterprise. Candy is a wife and mother and an actress, author, and executive producer and CEO of Black Cash Records, two of Candy’s children, namely HONEY and KING THA RAPPER, are rap / hip-hop entertainers. She resides in Los Angeles with her children and husband.


The author and contributors are available for interviews and book signings look for us on the web to learn more.Thank you for your support!

Faces of Rap Mothers: Universal & Peacock TV Movie Stars!

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