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Equine Lover’s Journal: This 124-page journal, brought to you by DonnaInk Publications, makes an ideal gift for the horse lover in your life. Its elegant appearance graces any reading shelf, while its lined pages offer ample space for notes, intentions, manifestations, dream recording, and personal reflections.


Dedicated to Kelly and Cherokee, this journal encourages young riders to chronicle their daily experiences with their beloved horses. Whether documenting training sessions, rides, grooming rituals, or exhilarating competitions, these entries serve as precious memories to be shared or reminisced upon in later years. Imagine creating your very own “National Velvet” novel from these heartfelt notes!


For those seeking a specialty keepsake book, we invite you to explore our offerings online. Simply email us with the subject line “Creations by Q for You!,” and provide details about your desired keepsake creation. We’ll work diligently to achieve your goals, preserving cherished moments and memories for the people you hold dear.


Thank you for supporting Creations by Q for You! 

Equine Lover's Journal

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