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 J. R. Hatcher is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor who is sensitive to the realities of disabilities and community awareness. His personal story is interesting, but his focus is on helping to educate the public, regarding the realities of being a TBI survivor and the nuances involved with same. His titles are both for children and adults. They are cheerful, colorful, and engaging. This title, "Showing Bullies Love" furthers TBI Guy's adventures in aiding bullies transition from bullying to understanding through coping mechanisms. 


The children's titles focus on day-to-day life that brain-insult survivors encounter in approaching life. With a 115 IQ post-insult, J.R. has found the community-at-large often anticipates his being less intelligent and desire him to be more able-bodied. Mr. Hatcher has experienced a remarkable and miraculous recovery when paired to expected outcomes . . . however, as with all post-insult TBI Survivors, idiosyncrasies of a brain injury still rise to the surface - the most interesting element is that TBI Survivors' recoveries remain ongoing and continue throughout their lifetime.


Onlookers can become confused anticipating more and not understanding TBI Survivors in general and J. R. hopes to provide his books for children to learn more and gain an expanded awareness and understanding with insight and comprehension while parents, teachers, and friends are also further educated. 


About the Author: Currently, J.R. Hatcher resides in metropolitan Washington DC with his two long-haired chihuahuas and is working on his next book with co-author, A.L. Brooks, "Awakenings, New Beginnings, and Learnin' Lessons."Check out TBI Guy at and -


Mr. Hatcher is prepared for book signings and interviews, write to

TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons: Showing Bullies Love

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