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 Synopsis: “Showing Bullies Love”

Within the vibrant pages of TBI Guy’s Learnin’ Lessons: Showing Bullies Love, J. R. Hatcher, a resilient survivor of traumatic brain injury (TBI), weaves a tale that transcends mere storytelling. This children’s book isn’t just about words; it’s about transformation—of hearts, minds, and perceptions.


Meet TBI Guy, our compassionate guide. Through his whimsical adventures, he invites young readers into a world where bullies prowl, but so does empathy. Written as a fictional narrative, this series paints vivid portraits of TBI Survivor stories. These aren’t just tales; they’re stepping stones—bridges that connect us all.


In “Showing Bullies Love,” TBI Guy embarks on a mission: to shift the bully’s gaze from hurt to understanding. His coping mechanisms ripple with kindness, teaching young minds that love is the ultimate superpower. Amid cheerful illustrations, he whispers secrets of resilience, one page at a time.


About the Author: J. R. Hatcher

J. R. Hatcher isn’t merely an author; he’s an advocate. His personal journey—from car dealership porter to TBI survivor—infuses his work with authenticity. His focus? Education. With sensitivity and grace, he unravels the realities of life after brain injury. His titles span generations, from children’s wonder to thought-provoking adult narratives.


Despite a remarkable recovery, J. R.‘s 115 IQ post-insult defies expectations. The community often anticipates more, yet the idiosyncrasies of brain injury persist. His most intriguing revelation? TBI Survivors’ recoveries are ongoing, weaving into the fabric of their lifetimes.



About the Publisher: DonnaInk Publications

DonnaInk Publications isn’t just a publishing house; it’s a constellation of voices. Under Donna L. Quesinberry’s visionary guidance, this indie haven nurtures authors, celebrates diversity, and champions storytelling. From whispered poetry to life-altering narratives, DonnaInk’s library spans continents.


TBI Guy’s Learnin’ Lessons finds its home here—a testament to the magic of collaboration. As J. R. Hatcher works on his next book with co-author A. L. Brooks, the universe expands. DonnaInk Publications doesn’t merely publish; it ignites conversations, fosters empathy, and reminds us that every story matters.


May TBI Guy’s love echo through these pages, touching hearts and sparking understanding. And may DonnaInk Publications continue to illuminate the literary cosmos, one story at a time. 🌟📚✨


Connect with TBI Guy:

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TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons: Showing Bullies Love

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