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“A Silly Cat’s Adirondack Adventure”


DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C., in collaboration with our Little Buggy Productions Imprint, proudly presents “A Silly Cat’s Adirondack Adventure” by children’s author and illustrator, Bonnie Beckeman.

In this delightful tale, we follow Maple the cat as she embarks on a whimsical journey through the Adirondack Mountains. Along the way, Maple visits her charming friends: the fish, raccoons,

frogs, big bears, and the wise old owl. Mrs. Beckeman, a classically trained watercolor artist, skillfully weaves creativity and quality into her enchanting illustrations, captivating readers of all ages.


What makes “A Silly Cat’s Adirondack Adventure” truly special is that it stands as one of the rare Adirondack-themed children’s books. But Bonnie’s imagination knows no bounds—she’s already designing the next thrilling escapade for Maple! As you turn the pages, you’ll be immersed in the natural splendor and Adirondack charm that permeate this easy reader.


Maple, the feline muse behind this heartwarming story, departed for kitty heaven in 2021, leaving behind a legacy of inspiration. Her spirit lives on within the pages of “A Silly Cat’s Adirondack Adventure.” Thank you, Maple, for sharing your tale with us.


This delightful book is available in both soft-cover and hard-cover editions, featuring wonderful original watercolor illustrations by the talented author herself, Bonnie Beckeman. Additionally, Mrs. Beckeman offers her unique art designs and illustrations on consignment. 




About the Author: Meet Mrs. Bonnie Beckeman, a classically trained watercolor artist. Her creative spirit shines through her quality artworks, captivating readers of all ages. “Maple’s Whimsical Journey” stands out among the limited collection of Adirondack children’s books. And Bonnie’s imagination knows no bounds—she’s already weaving the threads of Maple’s next thrilling escapade. Dive into this easy reader, where nature, splendor, and Adirondack charm come alive through original illustrations by the talented Bonnie Beckeman. As an artist, she also crafts unique designs and illustrations, including captivating watercolor pieces available on consignment.


I hope you find this version delightful and engaging! Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with. 

A Silly Cat's Adirondack Adventure

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