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“A Casual Guy’s Journal”: This 120-page journal, brought to you by DonnaInk Publications, is a thoughtful gift for your father, brother, cousin, uncle, co-worker, and more. Disguised as a “book,” it adds an elegant touch to any reading shelf. Inside, you’ll find lined pages—perfect for jotting down notes, intentions, manifestations, recording dreams, or simply keeping cherished memories.


Dedicated to Jacob Matthew, this journal invites you to explore its pages and create your own personal narrative. Whether you’re penning reflections, poetry, or using it as a keepsake, “A Casual Guy’s Journal” is a versatile companion.

And now, a glimpse into the remarkable life of Ms. Quesinberry (often affectionately called ‘Q’):

  • She has an impressive portfolio, having published over two hundred books and ghostwritten numerous titles for businesspeople, celebrities, and politicians.
  • As an author, she has penned over thirty of her own titles, including the engaging Creations by Q for You! activity books.
  • Donna is not only an accomplished writer but also an avid poet, with a wealth of experience across 25,000 documents spanning 100+ subject areas for national and international clients.
  • Her syndicated journalism work—473 plus stories—often touches on uplifting themes.
  • In addition to her high-, mid-, and low-content books, she is currently developing fiction.
  • As a mother of five adult children and a proud Grand-Mère to eleven, she brings a wealth of life experience to her writing.
  • Donna has also shared her knowledge as an educator, teaching Sunday School, public education, and university classes. She even runs her own online university program focused on writing enhancement.
  • Currently residing in Maryland, Ms. Q continues to inspire through her literary endeavors.

For more information, visit DonnaInk’s website. Thank you for supporting Creations by Q for You!

A Casual Guy's Journal

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