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2nd Spirit Books readies, Off Balance in the Spin Cycle, by Christopher Duquette

DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.'s 2nd Spirit Imprint release of, "Off Balance in the Spin Cycle," by Christopher Duquette is slated for early fall release.

CARTHAGE, N.C. - July 16, 2020 - PRLog -- DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. through their 2nd Spirit Books Imprint, is winding up the production of, "Off Balance in the Spin Cycle: Short Stories About Facing Life's Adversities" written by LGBT author, Christopher Duquette. This is the Mr. Duquette's third title. His first title, "HOMO GOGO MAN: A Fairytale About A Boy Growing Up in Discoland" and second, "DRxug of Choice: Pick Your Poison" have had good successes for him as an emergent author. Currently, he is engaging radio broadcasts with hopes to ignite book events fall of 2020 or whenever COVID-19 is less restrictive with capabilities to engage the public. The new title cover, affixed to this press release, is revealed the first time today.

About the Author: Mr. Duquette has two titles to his credit and this is his third. A former dancer and male model, Christopher is a gentleman who shares the grit and drama from life in the fast lane of Studio 54 era, where he celebrated with entertainers and infamous personalities. Mr. Duquette spent a lot of time at Studio 54 and similar clubs and he educates readers in sharing recollections from follies of a fast life having acquired the wisdom to move beyond those moments. Today, Chris resides with his life partner in Jamaica Queens NYC.

About the Book: "Off Balance in the Spin Cycle," is a compilation of short stories taken from first-hand experiences where a silent unacknowledged guardian angel appeared to Mr. Duquette through dreams and near-death experiences. His guardian angel delivered Chris from adversity to a balanced lifestyle. The author's motivation for "Off Balance in the Spin Cycle," is derived from life in NYC at the epicenter of COVID-19 in the United States. Previous to this pandemic, New Yorker's experienced world-renown cultural and economic status that was suddenly reduced to a concentration camp lifestyle. As an insidious threat to daily NYC living (where dreams have a chance of becoming reality without clicking a pair of red sequin pumps) COVID is a disturbing moment in history. Duquette shares entertaining life experiences with predicaments where his guardian angel aided in his survival. His stories share "hope," which Duquette states is the only weapon to inspire us to a better tomorrow.

Where to order: through DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. at readers can pre-order this title that will also be made available on major book retail sites. Pre-orders are shipped first post-title-release. Throughout summer 2020 - all DonnaInk titles are reduced by 15% - at checkout enter the coupon code: COVID blues

Media Contact DonnaInk Publications, LLC Special Markets 910-947-3189

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